Session Replays that Bring True Customer Clarity

Reproduce and solve customer frustrations faster. Prioritize performance and revenue without sacrificing customer satisfaction. Combine Session Replay with Behavior Analytics and Predictive Intelligence.

Every Event.

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“Auryc session replays and their ability to create custom events are great for understanding customer behavior and troubleshooting issues.”      -  COLE HAAN



How is Auryc Session Replay Different?

Gain full clarity into every customer frustration across their entire digital experience.

Auryc combines hi-fidelity Session Replays with every console message, Javascript exception, and network requests in a single, easily understood view so you can finally truly understand why frustrations occur throughout the customer journey. No more digging through session logs, needless watching of hundreds of session replays, or miss-prioritizing your issue backlog. Identify, quantify, and prioritize your response to customer frustrations across the digital experience while driving performance or revenue.


Performance & Revenue Insights

Uncover a Session's Real Business Impact

Auryc Session Replays uniquely surface how your customer frustrations on your site and mobile app affect the numbers that matter most in the end -- Performance and Revenue. Uncover the issues and sessions that impact loyalty, conversions, usage, and revenue quickly. Then, dive into the replays that matter most to reproduce and identify when, where, and why the issues happen.


auryc-customer-experience-intelligence-platform-session-replay-data capture-analytics

Session Replay & Data Capture

Diagnose & Reproduce Any Issue Quickly

Removing the guesswork from what your customers and users experience on your website and mobile app is just the beginning. With Auryc Session Replays, layer in full behavior data, sentiment analysis, revenue and performance impact, and predictive intelligence to gain the full picture of every issue.



Analysis & Segmentation

Isolate & Aggregate Session Replays

Cut through the noise and watch the sessions that matter most. Whether you start with a known issue in a Session Replay or you start from a high frequency issue and back into the replays, Auryc provides you with powerful segmentation tools that allow you to cut through the session replay noise and prioritize your responses, resources, and backlog based on the severity, frequency, and recency of the issues.



Security & Privacy

Protect Your Customer's Data

Ever-changing privacy laws and concerns about data security are central to how we have built and continue to evolve the Auryc platform. With Auryc Session Replay, you have full control over just how much personal data is captured in the recording and the additional data analytics. Auryc is HIPPA, PCI, GDPR, and CCPA compliant which means you have peace of mind when you and your team work with sensitive customer data.



Collaboration & Communication

Streamline Alerts and Issue Tracking

In-the-moment alerts keep your team informed of customer frustrations and site errors. Then, by viewing the session replay, share and tag other team members and also create a “ticket” in your issue tracking software all from Auryc. From an email or chat alert, easily view the session replay or “zoom out” to view similar sessions experiencing the issue to have large conversations. Every issue is centralized. All communication is streamlined.

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Driving 15% Revenue Increase Through Customer Experience Clarity combined product analytics, voice of customer, and session replay to remove blind spots in their customer experience.

“ We’ve eliminated our data analytic blind spots to such a significant degree that the cost savings we achieved from addressing issues uncovered by Auryc allowed the system to rapidly pay for itself. ”

- Simon Carpio, President of Product Management,

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Who Does Auryc Help?

Customer Experience Insights for Teams in Every Industry



Integrations & SDKs

Integrate Session Replays into Your Workflow

Session Replays isolated from your other systems means wasted time and resources, and more importantly, dissatisfied customers and negative revenue impact. Bring Auryc Session replays into your Customer Support, Bug Tracking, Customer Feedback, Optimization/Personalization, and dozens of other types of platforms you already use.




Security Compliance Badges

Data Security and Compliance

Auryc's Data First Policy

We understand the importance of building trust and protecting your and your customer’s data. Auryc is GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA, and WCAG compliant in order to provide a platform that is both secure and trustworthy.

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Auryc Session Replay FAQ

Session Replays are recordings of your customers’ web and mobile app sessions used by product teams, marketing teams, operations teams, support teams, and even finance/risk teams to quickly see what a customer sees to identify and reproduce any site issue.
More advanced Session Replay and Customer Journey Platforms, like Auryc, add  privacy controls, custom sampling, analytics, segmentation, and powerful performance impact analysis to give the full context to every user session.
Customers choose Auryc’s Session Replay because they can see the real impact of every session on their bottom line and we help them make Customer Experience initiatives ROI positive. Brands who work with Auryc get the full context of every frustration and friction across their site or mobile app. 
Auryc Session Replays are seamlessly united into a single platform that marries replays with no-code full session analytics, voice of customer and feedback surveys, predictive insights, and instant alerting to remove the tedious process of watching hundreds of session recordings that won’t relate to the issue at hand. 
Beyond just speed to insights, Auryc’s hi-fidelity session replays give you the power to prioritize and quantify every customer frustration based on data and contextual triggers.
Session Replay alone won’t give you the real story of WHY someone is experiencing friction in your product. Yes, you can reproduce the issue by watching the session, but by having full analytics behind it, you can get to the root cause of that issue (API errors, Script issues, asset loading or rendering, etc) and then fix it. 
Having full context also allows product and CX teams to “zoom out” from that single incident and assess the severity of the issue by aggregating all similar sessions with similar errors. Teams can then prioritize by frequency of issue, impact on conversions/performance, and, most importantly for the majority of our customers, by revenue impact.
Without the full context of ALL customer journeys (plus retroactive analysis), you would be blind to what is really happening on your digital properties and products.

In short, every click, every behavior, every error, every frustration, any customer feedback, and of course the scrubbable video of the session replay itself.

In more detail, since Auryc tracks every element of a session on web or mobile, including the DOM, you get access to a play-by-play log of every error and action along with the session replay, including:

  • clicks
  • page views
  • rage clicks
  • reviews/NPS/CSAT
  • javascript errors
  • CSS issues
  • scroll
  • form input information (if you allow that)

Plus, you can dive deeper by understanding where they were browsing from, browser, version, OS, and device.

Plus, dive even deeper by understanding how often any errors identified in the session have showed up across all sessions for all users, the performance and revenue impact of these errors, and so much more.

At Auryc, we give you the ability to filter/block the information you want to capture in your session replays to protect your customers’ privacy concerns and to remain compliant with industry data and security standards, like HIPPA, PCI, GDOR, CCPA, and more.
We work with you to address any data concerns you have while also performing a rigorous analysis of your forms, checkout process, and anywhere else you capture or reveal customer information. We will then set custom filters and blockers in place to remove this information from the session replay and data capture.
Yes! Auryc uses a no-code approach to web analytics and session recording to make it easy to implement and use.
Plus we offer a mobile SDK that works on both Android and iOS devices.
Auryc enables you to unify tracking across website and mobile app for true customer journey insights and customer experience analysis.
Yes, We get that you have a great tech stack. We want to help make it better by integrating with the most-used tools in the industry, including Analytics, CMS, CRM, Ecommerce, Data Storage, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Support, and more.
We also support mobile apps with the Auryc SDK
We have category-leading reviews and rankings on G2! 
Numbers are great to look at, however, it’s best to read what customers had to say about their experience with Auryc. These are just a sample of the 100+ reviews we have received on G2 for our customer experience solution:
“ Amazing way to learn more about your user behaviors”
“ Auryc has been invaluable for our Research and Analytics team.  We've historically run a lot of analyses and A/B tests to quantify the "what" of user behavior and Auryc has really allowed us to begin to understand the "why" component that we had been missing.”
 “Auryc is a great tool that has helped us identify errors, rage clicks and issues in our workflow. It is greatly helping us view our user behavior. Auryc team is amazing to work with and so friendly and helpful. They are very responsive and with you the whole to ensure your success.”
 “Auryc should be on the shortlist for B2C and B2B companies evaluating tools for getting closer to users and uncovering insights to drive decisions for product and business.”
“ If you are interested in leveraging a tool that will improve the UI on your site, track the voice of the customer, visually see how consumers interact with your site and how you can enhance their experience, Auryc is the tool for you!”
“ It's a powerful platform that can integrate with other analytic resources to centralize insights.”

Elevate How You Diagnose, Prioritize, and Fix Your Customer Experience.

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