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Auryc SDK provides over a thousand web and mobile applications around the world with the ability to capture app views and translate them into standard components that we can render within our 

  • Session replay 
  • Analytics and Insights 
  • Heatmaps
  • Feedback Response

SDK for iOS & Android

Easily deploy Auryc for Apps and capture behavior while maintaining GDPR compliance. The SDK is designed to avoid any noticeable impact on app performance, so users will notice nothing different about the app other than that it's working harder behind the scenes to help you better understand your audience and create personalized experiences.

Session Replay on Apps

User Replay enables you to replay any type of user session and observe the user’s journey step by step. You will be able to see exactly how they interacted with your app and understand exactly what happened. User Replay is a great way to confirm behaviors surfaced in Journey Analysis and Zone-based Heatmaps, and drive resolution times.

Voice of the Customer Feedback Surveys

Identify what customers want most - like new solutions, products, features, and ideas - by easily and quickly building and launching triggered customer surveys. Auryc’s Customer Feedback Surveys provide detailed insights into the Voice of the Customer on both websites and mobile apps beyond just a catalog of bugs and issues.Example Customer Feedback you can collect with Auryc:

  • Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Star ratings
  • Customer Feedback Surveys

Driving 15% Revenue Increase Through Customer Experience Clarity

CarParts.com combined product analytics, voice of customer, and session replay to remove blind spots in their CX that hindered sales.

“ We’ve eliminated our data analytic blind spots to such a significant degree that the cost savings we achieved from addressing issues uncovered by Auryc allowed the system to rapidly pay for itself. ”

Simon Carpio, President of Product Management, CarParts.com

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“ Amazing tool. The ability to quickly view session replays or heatmaps for specific journeys/landing pages is superior to any other product on the market. The insights section allows you to build custom reports and events quickly and efficiently ”

Craig M. SVP, eCommerce & Marketing

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“ They have a fantastic team. It is effortless to implement, and we get great actionable insights. ”

Kartheek V. Chief Product Officer

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“ Ease of use, it's a must-have in your web toolbox; getting actionable insights in almost real-time is fantastic; others we have tried in the past do not compare to Auryc. I would highly recommend them to any site owner. If you want to know how your visitors behave on your site, Auryc is for you. Support from the team is excellent as well ”

Roberto G. Digital Marketing Officer

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G2 Reviews Are A Win-Win For Customers and Businesses

G2 is a platform that aggregates user reviews for business software. The platform makes it easy to review any product and filters out any fraudulent or unhelpful reviews. With more than 100,000 reviews on its site today, it has become the gold standard of customer reviews in the technology world.


Integrations & SDKs

Integrate Customer Feedback into Your Workflow

Isolating your customer feedback from your other systems means wasting time and resources. Most importantly results in unsatisfied customers that negatively impact revenue. Instead, integrate Auryc's Voice of the Customer feedback and surveys in your customer support, bug tracking, customer feedback, optimization, and personalization platforms to improve your customers' experience.

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Auryc's Data First Policy

We understand the importance of building trust and protecting your and your customer’s data. Auryc is both GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA, and WCAG compliant in order to provide a platform that is both secure and trustworthy.

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Diagnose, Prioritize, Fix and Elevate Your Customer Experience.

Schedule a call with Auryc to unlock real insights into the revenue and performance impact of your customers' frustration.

We pride ourselves on the success we bring our customers...

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