“Uncover customer insights like never before.”

Business insights become valuable and actionable with the power of Auryc. Identify and drive positive outcomes, while improving customer satisfaction and retention. Influence your business with insights faster and more cost-effectively with powerful analytics and dynamic reporting capabilities.

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Understand customer interactions

When it comes to understanding how users interact with your product, there is nothing more powerful than observation and feedback. This way, you can spot pain points in our products interaction flow, monitor customer behavior, and ensure you are moving in the right direction.

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Define new features and functions

The first step to creating a frictionless experience for your end-users is to understand what is working and what they expect. With each page view and click, Auryc quantifies the revenue contribution gained or lost with a sub-optimal experience.

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Estimate ROI, and prioritize requests

With events, you can cluster or create combo events based on features or business areas and define estimated costs and benefits. With Auryc Insights, all site visitor data is aggregated and analyzed to identify the most significant issues that impact loyalty, performance, and revenue. Find out what issues are occurring, when they occurred, and how severe they are.

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Justify development investments

Clustering or combing your events will enable you to identify which features are most important to your business areas and evaluate the potential return on investment before starting development.

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Plan A/B Tests using ICE metrics

Use the Informed, Confident, and Empowered (ICE) model to plan A/B tests. Measure how users behave on your site or app with a selection of simple and powerful quantitative and qualitative methods. Designed for beginners and experts alike, our platform is easy to use.

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Driving 15% Revenue Increase Through Customer Experience Clarity

CarParts.com combined product analytics, voice of customer, and session replay to remove blind spots in their CX that hindered sales.

“ We’ve eliminated our data analytic blind spots to such a significant degree that the cost savings we achieved from addressing issues uncovered by Auryc allowed the system to rapidly pay for itself. ”

Simon Carpio, President of Product Management, CarParts.com

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“ Amazing tool. The ability to quickly view session replays or heatmaps for specific journeys/landing pages is superior to any other product on the market. The insights section allows you to build custom reports and events quickly and efficiently ”

Craig M. SVP, eCommerce & Marketing

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“ They have a fantastic team. It is effortless to implement, and we get great actionable insights. ”

Kartheek V. Chief Product Officer

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“ Ease of use, it's a must-have in your web toolbox; getting actionable insights in almost real-time is fantastic; others we have tried in the past do not compare to Auryc. I would highly recommend them to any site owner. If you want to know how your visitors behave on your site, Auryc is for you. Support from the team is excellent as well ”

Roberto G. Digital Marketing Officer

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