Meet Our Leadership Team

Everyone at Auryc obsesses about our customers. It all starts from the top with out leadership team.

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Jinlin Wang

Co-Founder, CEO


Amod Setler

Co-Founder, Head of Product

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Feng Shao

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering

Our Customer's Success is Our Success

Great stories don't come from a product. They come from the people who benefit from working with you.

What's In A Name?

Auryc comes from the periodic table symbol for gold: “AU” (or “aurum” to be more precise). Why gold? Often referred to as a “golden record” when you have a complete view of your customers, the founders aligned to form our core mission: be the unified system of record for the digital customer journey. Auryc is the “golden record” for the customer experience.  And to quote our founder, “Because when you have all the data, you have the gold!”

Read the full story of Auryc’s origin story here.

Our Golden Values

  • Give value, always
  • Obsess relentlessly over the customer
  • Leave egos at the door
  • Dare to do things differently




Join Our Team

At Auryc, we are changing the way companies think about their customer experience. We are always looking for like-minded people to join our team. Check out our open positions:

Uncover the hidden revenue hiding within your customer experience.

We'll identify the value of every point of friction on you website and mobile app so you can prioritize exceeding your customer's expectations.


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