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G2 Summer 2022 Report Award

G2 is a platform that aggregates user reviews for business software. The platform makes it easy to review any product and filters out any fraudulent or unhelpful reviews. With more than 100,000 reviews on its site today, it has become the gold standard of customer reviews in the technology world.

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Our History

Auryc was founded in 2016 by Jinlin Wang, Amod Setlur, and Feng Shao to address the increasing problem of fragmented data that exists across the user experience. This disconnected data inevitably creates blind spots affecting performance and revenue generation. Our co-founders began to ask a few intriguing questions:

  • What if there were a different way to capture all the interactions on a site without tagging the specific events?
  • What if there were a way to automatically capture all digital data, at scale, all of the time, without being limited by sampling?
  • What if we could combine digital analytics, session replay, and voice of customer data into a single, natively integrated solution?

Meet Our Leadership

Everyone at Auryc obsesses about our customers. It all starts from the top with out leadership team.

Jinlin Wang

Co-Founder, CEO

Amod Setlur

Co-Founder, Head of Product

Feng Shao

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering

Our Customer's Success is Our Success

Great stories don't write themselves. They come from people who benefit from your product.

"Auryc is an extremely powerful all-in one audience analytics tool."

Lauren Grabowski

Senior SEO Analyst

"Auryc is an invaluable tool for smart insights and campaign management."

Amy Wigg

Chief Marketing Officer

Uncover the hidden revenue hiding within your customer experience.

We'll identify the value of every point of friction on you website and mobile app so you can prioritize exceeding your customer's expectations.