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Build Better Customer Experiences that Drive More Revenue

Optimize every customer experience across web and mobile to uncover hidden revenue opportunities with Auryc’s Customer Experience Intelligence Platform.

Why Auryc?

A category leader in Customer Journey Analytics, Session Replay, and Product Analytics, we truly impact the success of our customers.  With Auryc, you move beyond mere Customer Experience alerts and analytics .... you gain the full context into what impacts performance, why it's happening, and where to focus and prioritize. Fast.


Clarity into the ROI of the Customer Experience

While Customer Experience will continue to remain vitally important to today's companies, the unfortunate truth is that most organizations lack the ability to calculate and prove the Return On Investment (ROI) of their customer experience initiatives from a financial and performance perspective.

AURYC-g2-summer-2021-best-ROIIt's time to know the revenue impact of every customer frustration, why it happens, and where to fix it.


Meet the Auryc Customer Experience Intelligence Platform.

What is the Auryc Customer Experience Intelligence Platform?

The accelerator for product improvement prioritized by real business impact.

Produce the “golden record” of your customer’s experience to surface the true impact of any customer frustration through Auryc’s predictive insights, powered by behavioral data, conversion data, customer feedback, and session replay. And with our integration partners and API, export all your 1st-party data into you own systems of record and systems of action.

Analytics (1)

No-Code Analytics


Auryc Analytics captures 100% of every user session easily without the need to code or messy tags to create a true full view of your online customer experience, including retroactive analysis.

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VoC (1)

Customer Feedback / VOC


Auryc Customer Feedback triggers in-the-moment customer responses like surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES), with AI-driven sentiment analysis to provide more context to user frustrations.

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Replay (1)

Session Replay


Auryc Session Replay records detailed user sessions so you can visualize any struggle your customers experience. See where customers fumble, rage click, lose interest, and more easily and instantly.

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Insight Reports (1)

Performance Impact Reports

Prioritize & Optimize

Auryc Insights aggregates all site visitor data and surfaces the issues that impact loyalty, performance, and revenue the most so you can prioritize where to improve. Gain insights into frequency, recency, and severity of every issue.

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Driving 15% Revenue Increase Through Customer Experience Clarity combined product analytics, voice of customer, and session replay to remove blind spots in their CX that hindered sales.

“ We’ve eliminated our data analytic blind spots to such a significant degree that the cost savings we achieved from addressing issues uncovered by Auryc allowed the system to rapidly pay for itself. ”

- Simon Carpio, President of Product Management,

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Who Does Auryc Help?

Customer Experience Insights for Teams in Every Industry






Integrations & SDKs

Working with the tools you already use to make insights easier.

We get that you have a great tech stack. We want to help make it better by integrating with the most-used tools in the industry, including Analytics, CMS, CRM, Ecommerce, Data Storage, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Support, and more.

We support mobile apps with the Auryc SDK.



Security Compliance Badges

Data Security and Compliance

Auryc's Data First Policy

We understand the importance of building trust and protecting your and your customer’s data. Auryc is both GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA, and WCAG compliant in order to provide a platform that is both secure and trustworthy.

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Elevate How You Diagnose, Prioritize, and Fix Your Customer Experience.

Schedule a call with Auryc and gain real insight into the revenue and performance impact of your customers' frustration on your site or app.

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We pride ourselves on the success we bring our customers...


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